PHOTOS: Snowstorm Nemo turns Lower Manhattan into winter playground

The snow storm of the century! TV weathermen were predicting snow drifts high enough to cover the Statue of Liberty, or so it seemed during the height of last week’s blizzard hysteria.

Fortunately for residents of Lower Manhattan, snowstorm “Nemo” left us with only a foot of snow– the perfect amount for sledding, making snowmen and showing off our cold-weather fashions. Stores and restaurants were open, the power was on and Internet speeds were blazing. This was no hurricane Sandy!

Scroll down for photos of this weekend’s snowfall in the East Village, the West Village and Soho. All photos were taken on an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 and edited with Instagram.

Snow dogs

Snow dog at Tompkins Square Park during Nemo
A well-dressed dog in Tompkins Square Park.

Dogs in pink snow coats for Nemo blizzard NYC
Puffy coats and knit sweaters were popular doggie outfits during the snowstorm.

Dog dressed for Nemo in Soho, NYC
A fashionable Soho dog excited to appear in Downtown Traveler.

Doggie snowstorm fashion in NYC during Nemo
Another New York City dog dressed for the snowpocalypse.

Storm fashion

Snow fashion in the East Village #Nemo
A mix of styles– 1920s newsies vs. downtown fashionista– in the East Village.

Fashionable Nemo snow wear in Tompkins Square Park
A Cruella deVille-inspired black fur look in Tompkins Square Park.

Nemo blizzard hits St Marks Place NYC
Some locals made questionable fashion choices during Nemo… like this shorts-wearing guy on St Mark’s Place.

Urban snowmen

Snowman in Washington Square Park NYC
One of the many plucky snowmen in Washington Square Park.

Frosty the East Village snowman
Frosty, the East Village Snowman– complete with Miller Lite bottle cap buttons.

Junkyard snowman in Tompkins Square Park NYC
Hanging out with the junkyard snowman in Tompkins Square Park.

Parks become snowy playgrounds

Snowball fights in Washington Square Park #Nemo
New Yorkers throwing snow balls in Washington Square Park in the West Village.

Dad taking kids sledding in Tompkins Square Park Nemo
A dad pulling a sled in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. A popular sight, since the park is basically flat.

Bad day for bikes and buses

Vespa stuck in the snow post-Nemo
A Vespa motorbike covered in snow in the West Village.

A bad day for bikes! Nemo blizzard in NYC
One of the many snow-bound bikes in Lower Manhattan.

Nemo storm brings snow to Astor Place Cube
The Astor Place Cube and a bike, covered in snow during Nemo.

Car for Rent is too damn high mayoral candidate in Nemo
Even the “Rent is too damn high” man, who famously ran for NYC mayor against Mike Bloomberg, had to dig out his car after snow covered St Marks Place.

New Yorkers waiting for midtown bus in Nemo
MTA buses were up and running during the storm, although it wasn’t pleasant waiting at bus stops like this one in midtown Manhattan.

Bus crashed into a bus stop at Ave A and 11th St NYC Nemo
A bus hit a bus shelter and blocked Avenue A at 11th Street in the East Village. Photo taken Saturday morning, 2/9/13.

Here comes the slush

The blizzard begins! Snow falling in the East Village NYC
The first snowfall in the East Village began during the Friday morning commute.

Rivers of slush running through Times Square #Nemo
42nd Street turned into a river of slush on the Friday that Nemo hit.

Nemo storm causes slush puddles in East Village
Pedestrians navigating a slush puddle in Astor Place.

Pigeons roosting on traffic lights after Nemo hit NYC
Pigeons huddled on a traffic light wire near Tompkins Square Park.

How were you affected by the Nemo blizzard?

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I'm a New Yorker with a passion for travel and art. I founded after returning from a year-long backpacking trip around the world. Find me on Twitter at @leslietravel.


  1. Fantastic photos my friend…I especially love the bundled-up Poochies! So cute but the retrieve in the little booties needs a caption “I feel ridiculous!” LOL. Thx for the iReporting coverage of Nemo takes Manhattan!

    • Thanks Jeff! I love snapping street photos of our fashionista dogs, many of whom wear outfits that are more than a bit over the top! Their humans are always eager to pose their dogs for the pics too 🙂

  2. Hah, now at least I know we’re not alone in putting snow boots on our dog’s paws.

    • Lol… NYC dog owners love dressing up their hounds. It’s rare to see a dog in the snow without booties!

  3. LOVE the dogs in the snow. My cat was less than enthused.

    You lucked out with just the right amount of snow!

    • Lol. Cats also seem less willing to get dressed up in cute snow outfits 🙂

  4. I always love your pictures. You capture NYC so well. Love the doggie and snowmen ones in particular!

    • Aw, thanks Maria! Whenever there is a storm I run out with my iPhone 🙂 The dogs are so cute in the East Village- it’s a great place to snap doggie pics.

  5. You always have such good storm photos! I was in South America, so I couldn’t complain, but I can’t believe I missed the one big snow storm this season!

    • Trust me… it’s better to be in a warm climate than suffering through these storms 🙂

  6. Great photos!!! We are supposed to be getting more snow here in Massachusetts tonight. Too much snow, I’m ready for Spring.

    • Seriously! Enough of this winter already!

  7. I loved this post so much! Such amazing photos, i really enjoyed the dog photos – too funny! I use to live around the block from Washington Square Park and those pictures made me wish I was back in the city! I hope you enjoy the last of the cold weather!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately the cold weather keeps coming… maybe we will get another snow storm before spring 🙂

  8. Great shots from dogs, to fashion, to crazy bus accident. Did you see any fanny packs out and about during the storm?

    • Thanks Ted! Actually, did not see any fanny packs in the NYC snow storm… but that would be a great way to transport gear while keeping it dry. Excellent idea 🙂 Since 1990s fashions are back, I predict the fanny pack to return in a big way!

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