Photos: Creative dog costumes at the 2011 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

New Yorkers are known for our fashion sense– and our dogs are no exception. Pooches from across the city gathered in the East Village on Saturday to show off the latest Halloween looks.

The 21st Annual Halloween Dog Parade drew hundreds of onlookers to Tompkins Square Park on a brisk afternoon. They clamored for glimpses of Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds in creative Halloween costumes.

The event, which is organized by Friends of First Run, raises money for the upkeep of the dog park. Scroll down for highlights of the 2011 parade.

Cute pooches draw crowds

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Pomeranian as Lady Gaga

One of the most popular attractions was a Pomeranian named Simba dressed as Lady Gaga. The adorable pooch, who bears a striking resemblance to Facebook sensation Boo, was surrounded by camera-toting fans even though she wasn’t officially entered in the contest. Her owner said he didn’t bring any cash to pay the entry fee.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Cocker Spaniel as hulu dancer

The dog parade is a major media event in Manhattan, attracting news crews and professional photographers. This Cocker Spaniel drew the eye of a NY1 cameraman with her skimpy hula costume.

Pomeranian works a Lady Gaga costume

Simba the Pomeranian stole the show.  She stayed calm while wearing a full-face veil and cumbersome hat, and struck pose after pose for her eager fans.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Pomeranian in Lady Gaga costume

Lady Gaga herself would be proud!

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Pomeranian as Lady Gaga costume

Creative owners make costumes from scratch

Cute dogs are just part of the Halloween Parade’s appeal; it’s the eye-catching costumes that make the event memorable. The following costumes were hand-made by creative moms and dads.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Cavalier King Charles as Spaghetti and Meatballs

Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, looked fetching in her spaghetti and meatballs outfit.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Poodle Chihuahua mix as trash

Toby-Wan Kenobi, a Poodle-Chihuahua mix, was covered in leaves and pieces of trash (including a cigarette carton and a plastic bottle). This look screams “NYC streets”– or recycling plant. (Note: I missed what Toby’s mom said when I asked about the costume, so this is my best guess).

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Occupy Wall Street dog costumes

The ripped-from-the-headlines award goes to a costume inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. Bob, a Brussels Griffon mix, dressed as the 99% (an overalls-wearing average Joe), while Mason, a Mini Schnauzer, represented the 1% (a wealthy financier).

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Pin cushion costume

This grizzled pooch put on a brave face as he waited for his official photo to be taken in a pin cushion costume.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade

Mikey, a Yorkie mix, paid tribute to Jewish tradition by dressing as a dreidel.

Pooches go Hollywood with movie, TV costumes

Many dogs payed homage to the entertainment industry by dressing as famous characters or films.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Maltese in popcorn costume

Popcorn, a Maltese, dressed as… well, a bucket of popcorn.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Toddlers and Tiaras

This pooch celebrated the TLC show reality show “Toddlers & Tiaras” by dressing as a beauty contestant. Her male owner (not pictured) went as a “stage mom.”

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Boston Terrier as Mini Mouse

Roxy, a Boston Terrier, went as Minnie Mouse (and her mom wore mouse ears).

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Dachshund as Mario and Luigi

Ringo, a Dachshund, wore a Mario costume while his human, Susan, dressed as Luigi.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Catahoula in The Birds costume

Dallas, a Catahoula, went as “The Birds,” the celebrated Hitchcock film.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade

Bambina, a pit bull mix from Queens, looked dainty in her Snow White costume.

Trend alert: Dogs masquerade as other animals

The most popular doggie costumes were other animals– including bees, pandas and even a dinosaur.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Dachshund in Bumble Bee costume

Charlie, a Dachshund, and his human Beverly wore matching bumble bee costumes.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Dog in bumblebee costume

In fact, bumble bees were a popular look at the 2011 dog parade. This cute pooch rocked a pair of dangling antennas.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Yorkie in Monkey costume

Gabriel, a Yorkie, was a vision in this poly-blend monkey costume.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade

Hank, a French Bulldog, joined his pal Lady in matching dragon (er, lizard?) costumes.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Pug as Ladybug

In a clever play on words, Maya the Pug dressed as a ladybug.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Maltese mix in Panda costume

Holland, a Maltese and Bijou mix, chose a sophisticated black and white romper for his panda bear costume.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Yorkie in turkey costume

Rocky, a Yorkie, dressed as a turkey while his mom and dad wore fox hats. (I’m still figuring that one out).

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Jack Russell mix as Velociraptor

Terry, a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix, looked fetching in a velociraptor costume.

Dogs embrace Halloween classics

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Beagle in cowboy costume

Hank, a Beagle, showed off his American pride with a cowboy outfit.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Boston Terriers as Angel and Devil

Boston Terriers Murphy and Hooper dressed as a devil and an angel, respectively.

Tompkins Park Halloween Dog Parade_Dachshund hot dog

Kozmo, a Dachshund, embraced his breed’s nickname by dressing as a wiener.

What’s your favorite canine Halloween costume?

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