Finding paradise: Why I love camping on the beach

It’s been a week full of bad news so we thought we’d lighten things up a bit by reminiscing about a couple of our favorite camping destinations.

We love camping and we love the beach, but it hasn’t been often that we’ve had the opportunity to camp right on the beach.  There’s nothing better than having a campfire going right on a sandy beach and listening to the sound of waves as you fall asleep.

We camped on the beach on Ellis Beach in Australia, up along the Queensland Coast.  The beach was gorgeous, quiet, and only a few feet from our tent!  There were only a couple of other people camping at the time.  Camping here was about $20 per night.

We also camped on a beach in Tayrona National Park, near Santa Marta in northern Colombia.  This beach was a lot more crowded than the one we camped at in Australia, but still equally beautiful.  For those willing to splurge, you could spend the night in a gazebo on this small peninsula, but we opted for a simple tent instead.

We stayed in a stylish camouflage tent near the beach.  We were surrounded by other campers, including a few who apparently didn’t want to splurge for the $18 tent rental and slept on the open ground!

For more info

Check out the Tayrona National Park WikiTravel page and the Ellis Beach Wikipedia page for more information.


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