Travel advice: 5 tips for calling abroad at an affordable price

Calling someone who is in another country can be expensive, but you don’t need to empty your wallet to speak to friends, family or business contacts who are based overseas. Below are five tips for calling abroad at an affordable price.

1) Call landlines rather than cell phones

The cost of calling abroadto someone on a cell phone can be huge and you often can save money by calling their landline instead. Make sure you get someone’s landline number so you can use that rather than calling them on their cell.

2) Set up an international calling plan with your network provider

If you find that you are calling abroad frequently and having to use your mobile phone, contact your network provider about their international calling plans. Don’t just accept what they say, though – do some comparison shopping to find the best possible deal. It may mean taking on a second cell phone or an extra SIM card, but this can sometimes be cheaper in the long run.

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3) Save money with VoIP

Setting up deals with your landline or cell provider, using phone cards, and calling landlines rather than mobiles can all save you money, but perhaps the best option is to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems. You can read more about the set up and your international call options at Vonage.

The way VoIP works is to have calls directed via the internet. It’s simple to use and all you need is a touch tone phone, internet connection and adapter. If you want to make affordable phone calls to the USA,India, Australia or some other far-flung destination, a good VoIP package will definitely save you money.

4) Buy a home phone bundle that includes overseas calls

You can get great deals on internet and telephone bundles these days, so shop around to find the best possible offer. Don’t just automatically go with the cheapest rate, however – check all of the details of the plan to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

5) Use phone cards

Another option is to use phone cards, and there are plenty of companies offering competitive rates for calling abroad. Certain companies will offer preferential rates for specific countries, so it’s important to comparison shop. There can be connection charges and other hidden costs, so just make sure you read the fine print to determine whether they make sense for you.

Do you have a tip for calling abroad?

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