PHOTOS: 25 badass costumes and weapons at NY Comic Con 2012

Think only dorks attend a comic book convention? Think again!

You don’t want to mess with these badass warriors (and their homemade weapons) from NY Comic Con 2012.

This weekend I met dozens of men and women packing major heat and striking defiant poses at the Javits Center. Whether inspired by anime or classic American superheroes, these fanboys and girls are clearly ready to conquer the world.

As you look at the intricate costumes below, think about how much time and effort went into creating these unique looks. You have to admire the passion that comes with being a pop culture fan!

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NY Comic Con 2012-86

Mandalorian from Star Wars.

NY Comic Con 2012-182

Princess Mononoke strikes a pose.

NY Comic Con 2012-67

A self-styled “Brony* Hunter” (l) and Statesman from City of Heroes (r).

*NOTE: Bronies are adult men with a passion for My Little Ponies— presumably this chainsaw is just a flourish.

NY Comic Con 2012-82

An epic battle between Robin (Tim Drake version) and a foe.

NY Comic Con 2012-174

Borderlands costume made with printable 3D mask.

NY Comic Con 2012-108

The Naked Ninja.

NY Comic Con 2012-129

A samurai at the Japan tourism booth.

NY Comic Con 2012-66

Mimmy from No More Heroes showing off some impressive guns.

NY Comic Con 2012-10


NY Comic Con 2012-91

Desert Monk.

NY Comic Con 2012-166

Soldier from Call of Duty.

NY Comic Con 2012-71

This Joker doesn’t mess around. Don’t ask how he got that cast…

NY Comic Con 2012-192

Batman surrounded by arch-rivals The Riddler and Bane.

NY Comic Con 2012-80

Deadpool– one of the most popular costumes at NY Comic Con this year.

NY Comic Con 2012-19

A Warrior coming out to play.

NY Comic Con 2012-57

Zombie attack!

NY Comic Con 2012-142

A trio from Shadowrun.

NY Comic Con 2012-154

These guys identified their look as “Sandman” and revealed they are members of  “Team Blumpkin Pumpkins” (which appears to be a paintball group on YouTube). Clearly they know how to wield a (paintball) gun!

What’s your favorite costume from NY Comic Con?

Share your pick by leaving a comment below!

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