PHOTOS: People watching and tasty treats at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn

Hipsters, adorable dogs, stylish toddlers: Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a lock on people watching. The best spot to soak up the local culture is arguably at Smorgasburg, a free weekly food festival held on the Brooklyn waterfront.

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We visited Smorgasburg on a steamy Saturday this summer, hoping to find some escape from a heat wave. The fair didn’t provide much shade (or seating) but it did offer a variety of tasty dishes crafted with local ingredients. Offerings ranged from all-natural popsicles to organic falafel and shredded pork sandwiches.

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There’s no fee to enter the grounds but Smorgasburg is not exactly cheap. A miniature burger or set of 3-inch tacos may set you back $7 a pop. Still, we found it hard to resist the dishes, which tend to be exotic twists on standard street foods. We stopped by several stalls and ended up with a 3-course meal capped by a decadent homemade doughnut.

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Scroll down for more images of Smorgasburg, which just may be New York City’s best place for people watching and artisanal eats.

A day at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn

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What: Smorgasburg Food Market
Where: North 6th and North 7th St., at the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
When: Saturdays 11am to 6pm
Cost: Free entry

What’s your favorite spot for people watching?

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