Eat like a New Yorker: Artopolis bakery offers authentic Greek pastries in Astoria Queens

Have a sweet tooth? You’ll love kourambiethes. Covered in a mound of powdered sugar, this Greek cookie is just one of the decadent desserts served at New York City bakery Artopolis.

Artopolis offers an authentic Greek experience in an unexpected setting: a strip mall on a bustling street in Astoria, Queens.

It’s worth a special trip to Astoria to sample the tasty confections at this unassuming patisserie. Make sure to order a frappe: a frothy mixture of Nescafe coffee, sugar and milk. It’s a local favorite!

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Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_Kourambiethes

When I stepped through the glass doors earlier this week, I was greeted by the  sweet aroma of cookies, breads and tarts. Every corner of the small, orderly shop is packed with sugary goodness, ranging from traditional Greek desserts like galaktoboureko, baklava, kataifi and kourabiedes to fruit-covered cheesecakes and chocolate mousse.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_desserts

Heaping platters of cookies are covered in fine tulle. Each tray is accompanied by a label, which makes it easy for non-Greeks to navigate the store.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_strip mall

Artopolis has a warm, comforting feel that belies it’s location in a generic strip mall.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_store front

The bakery was decked out for Christmas when I visited in late December; special holiday treats were on sale, including cakes shaped like snowmen.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_Fabbri

Artopolis is a great place to pick up treats for a dinner party; many breads and cookies are already wrapped and tied with ribbons.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_mousse

As a chocolate lover, I made a beeline for the refrigerated pastry displays. I purchased a strawberry cheesecake and vowed to come back for a truffle.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_hazelnut tart

Decadent offerings include eclairs, hazelnut tarts and chocolate-covered strawberries. (Warning: Do not visit Artopolis on an empty stomach).

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_fruit pastries

Many creations are topped with fresh fruit.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_cookie display

The bakery sells dozens of cookie varieties, most of which contain a heavy dose of powdered sugar.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_sugar cookies

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_jam cookies

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_espresso coffee

There is limited seating in the shop; if you are lucky enough to score a spot, you can enjoy an espresso and pastry at your leisure.

Artopolis Greek bakery in Astoria NYC_frappe

I ordered a frappe– a classic Astoria beverage consisting of Nescafe instant coffee, several sugar packets and frothy milk. It was delicious and kept my heart racing for several hours!


Artopolis Bakery Patisserie
Agora Plaza 23 – 18 31 Street
Astoria, New York 11105
Toll Free Phone: 800.553.2270
Phone: 718.728.8484

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