The world’s most creative marriage proposal? (NYC street art)

Looking for a creative way to propose to your girlfriend? Declare your love with a street art mural!

Street art marriage proposal

A clever New York City groom has done just that. “Caitlin, will you marry me?” reads this graffiti mural in the East Village.  The artwork references a random group of objects that must be the bride’s favorite things: a pug, Scrabble tiles and a blossoming cherry tree. There’s also an insider reference to a “triple hand squeeze.”

Who could say no to this romantic gesture?

** UPDATE 5/31/11 ** Click here for new details: “Bride says YES to street art marriage proposal!

Street art marriage proposal

The marriage proposal is located next to a Chase bank on 2nd Street just east of Avenue A. It is relatively new; it replaced a black, white and red mural that I photographed a few months ago.

Street art marriage proposal

The mural is signed by Tats Cru, a group of professional street artists from the Bronx. They create murals for corporate clients like Coca Cola and McDonalds. It ‘s likely that this is a commissioned work, created for a lovestruck groom.

An online search did not turn up any articles about the mural, or reveal whether Caitlin accepted the proposal. But it’s hard to imagine a girl saying “no” after seeing this street art tribute.

[Click here for new details: "Bride says YES to street art marriage proposal!"]

Is this the world’s most creative marriage proposal?

Or have you seen better? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below!


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