Street art photo of the week: Olek covers Wall Street Bull in crochet

The economy will improve in 2011, according to street artist Olek. To show her optimism about the new year, Olek covered New York’s famous “Charging Bull” sculpture in crochet.

The Polish-born artist spent Christmas night decorating the popular tourist attraction. She explained in an email blast,

“This crocheted cover represents my best wishes to all of us. It will be a great, prosperous year with many wonderful surprises!!!”

Polish artist Olek covered the Wall Street Bull in crochet as part of a guerilla street art piece.

The Wall Street Bull after Olek's crochet session. (Photo courtesy of Olek)

This act of ‘guerilla art’ was inspired by the bull’s sculptor, Arturo Di Modica, who placed the sculpture–without permission–near Wall Street in December 1989.

Di Modica’s bronze sculpture weighs 7,100 lbs and is over 11 feet tall. Many spools of yarn were required to cover it in crochet, Olek revealed to Downtown Traveler in an email:

“if i unraveled it i could probably connect my hometown in Poland to NYC”

The Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street bull before Olek. (Photo: herval/flickr)

Olek’s crocheted artwork lasted several hours before being taken down by a caretaker. She had hoped it would stay up for at least 24 hours. She explained in an email to Downtown Traveler,

“i spoke to local security and police. they got my info just in case it should have been removed. they didnt want to destroyed it. they are human!!!”

While she was frustrated that the work was removed so quickly, Olek was pleased with her accomplishment. She noted, “in the end – I MADE IT!!!!”

Street artist Olek covers Wall Street's "Charging Bull" in crochet as act of guerilla art.

The "Charging Bull" surrounded by pink yarn. (Photo courtesy of Olek)

Olek is known for her unique street art. Her crocheted bicycles and cars are a familiar sight in the Lower East Side; she had her first solo show, Knitting is for Pus****, at the Christopher Henry Gallery in September.

“Who knew crochet could be so edgy?” noted G Train Salon curator Krista Saunders, who is a fan of the artist’s style. “Olek’s work is as vivacious and original as the artist herself.”

Click on the video below to see Olek working on the “Charging Bull.” (Note her crocheted ladder– the perfect ‘guerilla art’ accessory).

>> Follow street artist Olek on her website,, Twitter (@oleknyc) and Facebook (“Crocheted Olek“).


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7,100 lb

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  1. Alyson Smith

    Totally love this! I wish they kept it up longer, I can’t believe that even her ladder is cover in crochet fabric that she knitted! How did she have these pieces all ready for the perfect size for the face and horns!? Amazing, that must of taken a long time to crochet all those pieces!

  2. I worked half a block away from the bull for more than 10 years & love the crocheted cover. However, if I was the sculptor, not sure I would feel the same way. I’m wondering how she knows that if the yarn was stretched it would reach Poland. Did she specifically calculate the mileage, convert it into yards and then find something in the city that she thought could be covered with that much yarn? Anyway, great story Leslie.

    • Thanks for your comment Nance. Olek was joking when she said the yarn would stretch from NYC to Poland. I don’t believe Olek measured the yardage, but you can tell from the video it took a great deal of yarn to cover the sculpture!

  3. That’s a lot of bull! Cannot imagine crocheting something like that- guess that’s why I am a writer not a fine artist.

  4. used to think that crochet was for grandma’s. Not anymore… raging bull.. uh uh uh! 😛

    • Crochet is cool again! Maybe Olek will bring crochet street art to Malaysia 🙂

  5. Love it…… Thought first one is made by LEGO. I would love to make one! Should be a lot of fun 🙂

  6. too bad it was not allowed to stay on longer!

  7. Krista

    Great article! I also would’ve loved to see this in person. The fact the she even got away with it is remarkable!

    • So true. Amazing she was able to do it successfully!

  8. Artists these days lol awesome! Nice shot girl

  9. Maria A

    So original! What a great idea to crochet the bull. Only in NYC. Wish it stayed on longer.

  10. Check out the Lion Brand Yarn shop in Chelsea NYC – it’s even got a knitted bike rack out front and a knitted drainpipe! Current window (ignore the flurry of facebook posts this seemed to generate) –

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