The world’s most creative Christmas trees

Are you tired of staring at your boring old traditional Christmas tree?  Check out these funky alternatives.  Maybe you can steal an idea or two and go for a different look this year!

The upside-down Christmas tree

Upside-down Christmas tree (Photo:

For a not-so-subtle twist on the Christmas classic, check out’s upside-down artificial tree.  At $399 it ain’t cheap, but it’s sure to cause a few double takes from the family on Christmas Eve.

The college dorm Christmas tree

Mountain Dew Christmas tree (Photo:

If you’re feeling thrifty and don’t want to shell out $80 for a tree– or if you’re too lazy to even leave the house to go pick one up– this could be the tree for you.  Just collect the empty soda cans laying around the apartment and add a little elbow grease. Presto- you have a cheap and unique Christmas tree!

The alcoholic’s Christmas tree

Heineken Chrismas Tree (Photo:

This tree is similar to the Mountain Dew tree, but on a much, much grander scale.  If you’ve got this many Heineken bottles laying around the house, you probably won’t be able to stay conscious long enough to put this tree together.

The retro Christmas tree

The Pac-man Christmas tree (Photo:

Do you long for the wonderful 1980s and get nostalgic for anything from that bygone era?  Check out this Pac-Man Christmas tree at the Nuevos Ministerios station in Madrid, Spain.

The material girl’s Christmas tree

The most expensive Christmas tree (Photo:

What do you give to the girl who has everything? Perhaps the world’s most expensive Christmas tree.  This tree was made by a jeweler in Singapore. With over 21,000 diamonds and 3,700 crystal beads, it is valued at just over $1,000,000.

The USA’s tallest Christmas tree

The USA's tallest Christmas tree (Photo:

For something more traditional but no less spectacular, check out the tallest Christmas tree in the United States.  At the Outlet Mall in Anthem, Arizona, this white fir stands a whopping 110 feet tall!

The most famous Christmas tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (Photo:

Though not the tallest Christmas tree out  there, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is without a doubt the most famous.  This year’s tree, a Norway Spruce, stands 74 feet tall and is covered with over 30,000 lights! For a small fee, you can even ice skate under this Christmas icon.


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