My 7 links: The top stories in Downtown Traveler’s first 8 months

It’s our eight month blog-versary!

I’ve been getting nostalgic since the “7 Links” blogger craze  reminded me of this mini-milestone. One of our favorite bloggers, Mark of Migrationology, tapped us to participate in the “My 7 Links” blogger challenge. It’s a simple concept, started by TripBase:

“bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

Read on for Downtown Traveler’s most memorable posts (so far). If you have any suggestions for future stories, please leave a comment below!

Our Top 7 Posts

Girls running past the ruins in Jerash Jordan

Schoolgirls skipping through the ancient ruins in Jerash, Jordan.

1)    My Most Beautiful Post:

A warm welcome in the ancient city of Jerash (photos)

Visiting Jerash, Jordan was a magical experience; we were surrounded by giggling schoolchildren who burst into song and dance. I thought my photos of the ancient ruins (snapped on a Cannon G11) came out well.

2)    My Most Popular Post:

London’s top 5 emerging art galleries (photos)

This comes as a surprise, since Laura Mannering’s guest post was published just a week ago. Thanks to Stumble Upon, it generated nearly 2,000 page views in one day. For more local tips, check out Laura’s World Out There blog.

3)    My Most Controversial Post:

The value of blogger press trips: Interview with Jordan Tourism Board’s Nayef Al-Fayez

The vast majority of comments on this post were positive, but one reader took the tourism board to task for their “propaganda.” He left several scathing comments, including a 716-word critique that is longer than most blog posts.

NYC tourists in Central Park

Tour guide Jeffrey Tanenhaus shared tips for avoiding the crowds in New York City.

4)    My Most Helpful Post:

Top 5 tips for visiting New York City (from a Manhattan tour guide)

New York can be a daunting travel destination, with its 8 million residents and long list of attractions. Guest writer Jeffrey Tanenhaus (@EssentialNYC) shared his tips for avoiding tourist traps.

5)    A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

Music videos: Brooklyn bands inspired by street art, coloring books and iPhones

This was one of our very first posts and was our best-read until a few months ago. It didn’t receive many comments and, at least initially, didn’t get a lot of Google Traffic. Its success is entirely due to Stumble Upon.

6)    A Post I Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved:

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens: Fine art or hoarding? (photos)

I was floored by this budding tourist attraction in Philly. A man spent decades converting his home and courtyard into mosaic art. This was one of my first stories, and I hadn’t mastered the layout yet!

TBEX 2011 Vancouver Bloggers_2

TBEX '12 had amazing parties, like this "Men of TBEX" soiree (with TripFilm's Kelley Ferro).

7)    The Post that I am Most Proud of:

The Blogger Society Page: TBEX 2011 Edition (photos)

I had fun writing this TBEX post; it brought back memories of being the high school yearbook editor and working on the “Senior Mosts.”


The next step of the “7 Links” challenge is to nominate other bloggers to share their top stories. The best-known blogs have already been mentioned, so I’m taking a different tack. I am nominating bloggers who have contributed great stories to Downtown Traveler. Make sure to check out their sites!

1. Billie and Steve of Santa Fe Travelers
2. Ted of Traveling Ted TV
3. Mei Yee from I Am The Witch
4. Laura of World Out There
5. Mark Keith of Anagram of a Gazing Eye

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