Shopping Guide: The Best Los Angeles Flea Markets (UPDATED)

Vintage shoppers, rejoice!

When I wrote my first post on Los Angeles flea markets, I had recently moved to the West Coast and didn’t realize just how many markets are located in or near the city. In fact, with sunny weather 360 days a year, Los Angeles offers year-round shopping at a plethora of outdoor flea markets. It’s possible to go to a different– and equally awesome– market every Sunday.

To follow-up my first article, here are three more flea markets that you should add to your weekend shopping routine.

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LA Flea Markets

Refurbished vintage lawn chairs at the Topanga Vintage Market

#1. Downtown Flea

246 S. Spring
Los Angeles, CA
10am – 4pm
4th Sunday of the month
Admission: $5

Opened in summer of 2013, this flea market is the latest addition to the booming downtown LA scene. Spread out over four lots, it’s smaller than most but it does the job when you don’t have a whole day to spend at a flea market. Featuring DJs, food trucks, and vendors selling everything from succulents to dead bugs, this flea market feels like a block party. Happening on the 4th Sunday of every month, Downtown Flea draws quite the hip crowd. Even Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted walking around in late October.

LA Flea Markets

Downtown Flea feels like a block party with great vintage finds

LA Flea Markets

The Real Bugs stall at the Downtown Flea is both eerie and hypnotizing

#2. Topanga Vintage Market

Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Ave
Los Angeles, CA
4th Sunday of the month
8am – 3pm
Admission: $2

Staged on the 4th Sunday of every month, this flea market is also a newcomer to the vintage market scene. The top-quality vendors include Rose Bowl favorites and come from as far as San Bernadino to set up stalls filled with hard-to-find gems. I walked away with a beautiful liquor cart and a ring that I wear on a daily basis. One of its charms was the admittance sticker I received with entry that cleverly describes me as a specific type of flea market shopper. One word of advice: it’s located in the San Fernando Valley so it gets very hot in the summer. Expect fewer vendors in the summer months and be sure to bring lots of water.

LA Flea Market

Stickers describe the type of shopper you are at the Topanga Vintage Market

LA Flea Markets

This ring is one of my favorites

LA Flea Markets

Found! This 70s liquor cart came home with me.

#3. Alameda Point Antiques Faire

Caveat: This market is not in Los Angeles, but is a worthwhile day trip!

2900 Navy Way
Alameda, CA 94501
1st Sunday of the month
6am – 3pm
Admission: $5 after 9am

My roommate introduced me to Alameda Point during the brief time I lived in the San Francisco area. Happening the 1st Sunday of every month, this flea market is huge and is hands down one of the best I’ve been to. It saddens me that it’s not closer to LA. When I took a fellow flea market-lover, she nearly short-circuited from all the finds, and walked out with a pair of hard-to-find lockers for her bathroom (photo below). The Faire has over 800 vendors selling all kinds of furniture, vintage medical prints, and beautiful French textiles just to name a few treasures. Located on the decommissioned Alameda Point Navel Base, it’s also one of the most scenic flea markets. It has stunning views of the San Francisco skyline and the Oakland docks.

LA Flea Markets

These lockers and chairs were driven all the way back to LA by this flea market vet

LA Flea Markets

Views of the Oakland docks from Alameda

What’s your favorite place to vintage shop in LA?

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