PHOTOS: The best mens costumes from NY Comic Con 2012

If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to New York Comic Con this year, you were treated to an amazing sight. The Javits Center in midtown Manhattan was a sea of colorful capes, kimonos and homemade weapons as thousands of fanboys and girls flocked to the East Coast’s biggest pop culture convention.

NY Comic Con was sold out before it opened but I was lucky enough to attend on a press pass. This was my third year at the event and the costumes did not disappoint. After sorting through over 500 photos on my Nikon D3200, I selected the costumes (and fans) that showed the most creativity and enthusiasm.

Scroll down for my favorite men’s costumes– from super heroes and ninjas to a corset-clad stormtrooper.

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Macho men

NY Comic Con 2012-22

Batman continues to be a Comic Con favorite, and characters featured in the recent film The Dark Knight Rises made frequent appearances on the convention floor. Here the Batman prepares to battle Ra’s al Ghul.

NY Comic Con 2012-179

Skyrim costume with handmade helmet crafted from painted plastic, duct tape and cardboard.

NY Comic Con 2012-23

Master Chief wearing home-made armor created from card stock, resin, fiberglass and paint. This elaborate costume took over three months to make!

NY Comic Con 2012 r-14

Jefferson Twilight of Venture Brothers.

Real men wear corsets

A number of Comic Con attendees blurred the gender line. I saw a dozen women dressed as Thor or Loki, while a sizable number of men rocked corsets or platform heels. I struggled over whether to put the following costumes in the male or female category; I think next year I will organize costumes by theme and not gender!

NY Comic Con 2012-Darth Vader Angel

A “Storm-trooper Angel” (according to the fanboy who created this unique look).

NY Comic Con 2012-78

This guy claims his look is not a costume– it’s a version of what he wears every day! We’re wondering where he hangs out with a flower container on his head, a necklace with lace flowers, a corset, short pants, a felt mask and purple Doc Martens.

NY Comic Con 2012-125

The Hindu god Shiva (a bit more spiritual than the average NY Comic Con costume).

Clothing optional

NY Comic Con 2012-30

Vincent from the video game Catherine.

NY Comic Con 2012-109

The Naked Ninja… and what I hope is not the male genital equivalent of a “nip slip”! (After doing some close-up inspection in Adobe Lightroom I deemed this fit to publish).

NY Comic Con 2012-95

A bling-loving Scroticon.

NY Comic Con 2012 male costume 1

Orochimaruin modeling a stylish fishnet tank.

You can’t go wrong with a bodysuit

NY Comic Con 2012-111

Chronic from Jay and Silent Bob.

NY Comic Con 2012 Pics-19

Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh.

NY Comic Con 2012-61

The Spot.

NY Comic Con 2012-15

Rorschach of The Watchman (l) and Slender Man (r).

NY Comic Con 2012-134

Aquaman, joined by some of his ocean-dwelling friends.

Anime Inspiration

NY Comic Con 2012-213

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

NY Comic Con 2012-147

Sasori from Naruto.

NY Comic Con 2012-48

Avatar Kuruk from The Last Airbender.


NY Comic Con 2012-98

Ghoul from Resident Evil 4, made and worn by makeup artist Tony DiFalco.

NY Comic Con 2012 Costumes-20

Chozo Ghost from Metroid Prime.

NY Comic Con 2012 Costumes-25

A “bad wolf” in a biker jacket, taking a drag from an (unlit) cigarette.

Quirky Humans (I Think…)

NY Comic Con 2012-21

Minecraft Steve.

NY Comic Con 2012 Costumes-14

A male version of Poor Miriam from Homestuck.

NY Comic Con 2012 Pics-18

Sumo wrestler from Street Fighter.

NY Comic Con 2012-139

A very impressive (and fragile) costume: Captain Olimar from Pikmin.

NY Comic Con 2012-76

Michael Jackson.

NY Comic Con 2012-59

This Jurassic Park costume resulted from a long-ago gift from Kyle’s grandma– a customized lab coat. A great example of “shopping your closet” for an inexpensive look!

Classic Comic Con

NY Comic Con 2012-87

Jedi with light-saber.

NY Comic Con 2012 Costumes-12

Not an especially inventive Superman costume, but look at that perfect Christopher Reeve hair!

Dapper Dons

NY Comic Con 2012 Costumes-13

A motorcycle suit makes a great Tron Legacy costume. This fan added his own cane; he told me he survived a near-fatal bike crash that broke his neck. What an amazing recovery!

NY Comic Con 2012 Pics-15

This Charlie Chaplin costume has a bit of a twist– note the zombie makeup peeking out on the fan’s left wrist.

What’s your favorite male costume from NY Comic Con?

Share your pick by leaving a comment below!

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