7 photos that make us dream about travel

We are excited to participate in the ‘7 Supershots’ photo challenge created by Hostelbookers. Participants are encouraged to select favorite photos from their travels that best describe the seven categories below. Check here for details about this photo project, and take a look at #7Supershots on Twitter for many more submissions.

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1. A photo that takes my breath away:

noronha beach

This shot was taken in a secluded lagoon on Fernando de Noronha, an island off of the coast of Brazil. This was not an easy place to reach, but, in all of the beaches we have visited, we are rarely treated to colors as vibrant as these.  The water was crystal clear and ultra-blue, and there was no one else in sight to spoil it for us.

2. A photo that makes me laugh or smile:

kangaroo with baby

This photo was taken in southern Australia, in a wildlife preserve.  Kind of sappy I know, but we were really fortunate to catch this moment between a mother and baby kangaroo. During the two months we spent traveling through Australia, we came across a variety of cute creatures, from kangaroos to koalas.

3. A photo that makes me dream:

surfer new zealand

This was taken on the western coast of New Zealand.  This was on a cold and windy day in the middle of the New Zealand winter, and the beaches were barren except for this white-haired man and his surf board.  I just love the way the lone surfer heads out into the water, with the empty coast stretching for miles behind him.

4. A photo that makes me think:

botswana sky

This was taken in the African plains at sunset, during an evening safari in Botswana.  The open plains stretched for miles, and the sky was often filled with dramatic cloud formations that offered amazing photo opportunities like this one.

5. A photo that makes my mouth water:

lobsters in maine

This was taken during our annual family ‘clambake’ in Maine over the Fourth of July.  It’s not often I get to indulge in lobster, and I look forward to this feast for months before Independence Day!

6. A photo that tells a story:

motorbikers in vietnam

This was taken one day in Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam. We have visited many bustling cities during our travels, but few were as overwhelmingly crowded as Ho Chi Minh.  Every minute of every day was buzzing with activity, and I always like the way this photo captures the frenetic energy and pace of the city.

7. A photo that I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot):

giraffe rainbow

This photo is a little cliched perhaps, but I loved the way everything lined up perfectly to allow us to snap a pic of this giraffe right after an afternoon rain shower, when a perfect rainbow emerged next to him. This photo was also taken on our Botswana safari.

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