Travel blogger Q+A: Top 9 reasons to travel as a couple

Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, Kilimanjaro: there’s a whole world out there for you to explore. But do you want to see it alone or with a loved one?

There are many benefits to couples travel– from a heightened sense of security to splitting the travel costs. But when it comes down to it, there’s nothing better than creating memories with someone you love.

We asked leading travel bloggers, “What has been the main benefit of traveling with a loved one, instead of going it alone?” Read on for their sincere, sweet and sometimes silly responses.

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Kelly and Lee of "Global Goose" hike in Alberta, Canada.

Top 9 Benefits to Traveling as a Couple

#9) Built-in bathroom attendant

Erica Kuschel, Over Yonderlust: I honestly have never traveled alone so I’m not quite sure what that experience is like. I do know, however, that I always have someone to share those awe inspiring moments with and someone to watch my bags while I try to squeeze into a tiny bathroom. That and well, being married has its benefits as well. *cough*

#8) The guaranteed (almost) hook-up

Jason Castellani, 2 Backpackers: We benefited from companionship on the road. It can often get lonely while traveling and sometimes you may even feel homesick a lot sooner than you thought. Having a friend or even a loved one with you provides support, someone to talk to you and if you’re lucky some hanky panky under the sheets.

#7) You complement one another

Jake Semmel, Downtown Traveler: I hate traveling alone since I am not great at meeting people, but Leslie is much more outgoing so with her around we end up talking to other travelers and meeting new people. Also it is always helpful when going through a stressful travel situation to have someone going through it with you, so you can bitch to each other and keep laughing at the circumstances.

#6) Sense of security

Charu Suri, Butterfly Diary: Security and comfort. It’s a real pleasure sharing travel experiences with someone who knows you and who cares about you.

#5) Someone to take photos with

Mei (aka “Ciki”), Cumi & Ciki: Laughter, chatter and being silly together. We have endless laughs and like taking silly photos of each other (see photo below). I always miss that traveling alone.

mei 3

Mei of "Cumi & Ciki" says a spouse is the perfect person to take silly travel photos with.

#4) Someone to share the memories with

Juno Kim, Runaway Juno: The opportunity to say “Do you remember when we…” The best part of traveling together is sharing memories. As a sensitive person (yes, that’s me) it makes me happier when I associate the place with the happy memory. And to know there’s always someone on my side is another benefit. Things can happen on the road – whatever it is. But it is comforting when you know you’re not going to be alone to get through the situation. I think we are good at taking care of one another.

#3) You can’t beat the discount

Cameron Wears, Traveling Canucks: Having traveled as a couple for years, we couldn’t imagine traveling without one another. We enjoy each other’s company, so the main benefit is that we are able to experience the world together. It’s nice to have someone to dine with, someone to talk to and someone to share the quiet moments with. Romance aside, its also much cheaper traveling as a couple than as two individuals.

#2) It’s fun!

Stephen Bugno, Bohemian Traveler: Traveling together is good way of building a relationship, sharing new experiences, and overcoming challenges together. And it’s just fun to do those things with somebody you love.

#1) All of the above

Kelly Dunning, Global Goose: Although Lee and I both love solo travel too, there are many benefits to traveling together. One is that you always have someone that you can share the experience with and look back with on the memories of your adventures together. Also, traveling as a couple can make things a lot cheaper and easier when you share accommodation and food. It also feels a lot safer traveling with a partner, such as when we were couch surfing with strangers or hitchhiking. Another benefit is that the experience of traveling together teaches you a lot about each other and really brings you closer together.

Jake and Leslie of "Downtown Traveler" creating travel memories in Japan.

Would you rather travel solo or with a loved one?

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