Photos: Crowds gather in Times Square for New Years Eve ball drop 2012

Thousands of people packed Times Square on Saturday afternoon hoping to score a plum spot for the New Year’s Eve ball drop. By 1 PM–  11 hours before the event– crowds already filled the sidewalk on 7th Avenue from 42nd through 47th streets.

Up to a million revelers are expected to attend the ball drop in person. The annual tradition, which began in 1904, is televised across the United States and draws a lively mix of tourists, opportunistic vendors and New Yorkers who aren’t afraid of tight spaces.

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NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_revelers

Long wait

While spectators must arrive at Times Square in the early afternoon to secure a spot, there are few conveniences to ease their wait. As the Times Square Alliance points out on their FAQ page, there are no public restrooms, alcohol is forbidden and no food or drink vendors are allowed to operate in the viewing areas.

Still, the mood was upbeat on Saturday afternoon.  Visitors snapped photos, tour buses plied 7th Avenue and vendors hawked 2012-themed sunglasses and tiaras.

The pleasant weather might have something to do with the general giddiness. While spectators have braved snow storms and arctic chills in past years, Saturday was mostly sunny with high temperatures in the mid-50s.

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NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_tourists

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NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_Mickey Mouse

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NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_crowd

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Tight security

Since September 11, 2001, security has been extremely tight at the Times Square ball drop; by Saturday afternoon there was a strong police presence in Times Square and throughout midtown. Officers stood in groups on every street corner, metal gates framed the sidewalks, and cement barricades were placed on side streets. An NYPD observation tower hovered near the 49th street subway station.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_police car

While crossing 6th Avenue near Radio City Music Hall, I spotted a mysterious armored vehicle marked “NYPD.” This military-grade Bat Mobile would seem more at home on a Batman set than on a Manhattan street. Painted a dull black, its reinforced exterior looked ready to plow through an unruly crowd.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_NYPD armored car

Locals know to stay away from midtown Manhattan on New Year’s Eve, since police barricades and closed streets make it hard to travel. Several years ago I attended an apartment party on Central Park South and had to plead with a police offer to be let through a barricade. He finally succumbed when I pulled out a scrap of paper with the party address on it.

If you are heading to midtown tonight, make sure to bring a written document that lists your destination. This could be a hotel receipt, driver’s license with your local address, or even an invitation.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_5th Ave

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_police barricade

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_No Parking

Busy day for sight-seeing

Tourists took advantage of Saturday’s warm weather to visit Manhattan’s iconic sights. Hundreds flocked to Rockefeller Center to see the famous Christmas tree and ice skating rink.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_5th Avenue

My parents came in from the suburbs to see the tree for themselves and to do some window-shopping on 5th Avenue. The streets were packed with pedestrians, hot dog carts and dozens of vendors selling counterfeit purses.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_Rockefeller Center Ice Rink

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_30 Rock

Grand Central Station was a frenzy of activity on Saturday afternoon, although most of the visitors appeared to be tourists snapping photos of this famous landmark. Party-goers from the outer boroughs and suburbs had not yet arrived to paint the town on New Year’s Eve.

NYC Times Square New Years Eve 2012_Grand Central Station

Where will you celebrate the New Year?

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