Canucks fans go wild in Vancouver after hockey win (photos)

A massive street party erupted in Vancouver after the hometown team, the Canucks, won a Stanley Cup Finals game over the Boston Bruins. Up to 100,000 fans watched the Canucks’ 1-0 win in downtown Vancouver.

I was lucky enough to join them!

Vancouver Canucks victory party_8

As a native New Yorker, I grew up going to Mets baseball games and hockey was not on my radar. I was impressed by the passion and politeness of these Vancouver Canucks fans. I can’t imagine this many intoxicated people gathering in NYC without starting a riot!

Vancouver Canucks victory party_12

Several streets were closed off to traffic and outfitted with jumbo TV screens. At one point, a TV screen flickered and went black, drawing loud boos and a sense of panic in the audience. Fortunately, the feed was immediately restored.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_2

The entire city was swept up in Canucks fever; even the posh Four Seasons created a tribute to the local team.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_5

Nearly every person watching the Vancouver Canucks game wore a blue and green jersey, and many painted their bodies with the team colors.

Canucks fans celebrate a win in downtown Vancouver

The average age of the Canucks fan hovered around 20, and spirits were high!

Vancouver Canucks victory party_13

The teens in the crowd showed the most creativity with their outfits. Booty shorts were a popular look for the girls.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_11

Canucks fans scaled trees, doorways and any high surface to get a batter look at the TV screens.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_7

The crowd was incredibly diverse. Even small children cheered on the hometown team, which is now up 3-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_6

Canadians showed off their creativity with homemade Stanley Cup statues. Several fans trudged the cups through crowded streets.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_4

“Green Man” made multiple appearances at the Canucks street party, and a blue version of the full-body stocking was also spotted.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_1

Even the police were moved by the Canucks victory. A line of officers high-fived fans after the 1-0 win.

Vancouver Canucks victory party_14

I couldn’t have visited Vancouver at a better time! The streets were buzzing with positive vibes. This was the perfect way to cap off my first day in the city, which I visited for the TBEX blogging conference.

I owe a special thanks to Vancouver native Cam of the Traveling Canucks, who told me about the street party when I first arrived in town.

What a great first impression of the city!

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