Hip hop graffiti in Amman, Jordan (street art photos)

Think the U.S. has a lock on hip hop-inspired street art? Think again! Fans of old school rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls have left their mark on the streets of Amman, Jordan.

Amman Jordan graffiti_9

I came across this hastily scrawled tribute to America’s “rap kings” during my visit to the Middle East in April.

Amman Jordan graffiti_8

The hip hop shout-out is surrounded by other graffiti, some in Arabic, on a cobblestone-paved street in Jordan’s capital.

Amman Jordan graffiti_4

Unlike the street art in Cairo, Egypt, this work does not appear to have a political message. However, all of the graffiti wasn’t lighthearted. A street philosopher scrawled the line, “Casp!! God?!” across the wall of a gated building.

Amman Jordan graffiti_6

I was surprised to find this graffiti in an upscale part of Amman, located near Al-Rainbow and Fawzi Al-Ma’Louf streets. It sits near the entrance to the Wild Jordan restaurant and gift shop.

Amman Jordan graffiti_11

Wild Jordan is part of Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), and is responsible for developing eco-tourism businesses in national parks.

I didn’t see much evidence of hip hop culture in this small Middle Eastern nation, but I enjoyed seeing the familiar names– Tupac, Easy E, and B.I.G.– on a street 5,756 miles from home!

Amman Jordan graffiti_2


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