Best of NYC’s 2011 Armory Show: Street art, erotica and more

New York City’s leading art fair, the Armory Show, drew heavy crowds this month with its mix of contemporary and modern art.

Hundreds of people lined up at Manhattan’s Piers 92 and 94 on a sunny Saturday to catch the first day of the Armory Show. I was lucky enough to attend the event without paying the $30 entry fee, thanks to a friend who discovered a free offer on Twitter.

2011 NYC Armory Show_74

That's me, in a reflection of a reflection at the Armory Show.

This was the second time I’d attended the Armory Show and I was mesmerized by the diverse collection of art, representing galleries from across the world. I’m not an art world insider, but several trends caught my eye at the 2011 show.

“Erotica, cutesy animated grotesque and a strong street art influence.”

That’s how Krista Saunders, curator of the G Train Salon, described this year’s collection. Words can’t do justice to the featured art, so scroll down for images of  the Armory Show’s contemporary wing.

2011 NYC Armory Show_12

Artist Nick Cave created and wears this “Soundsuit”, a full-body suit made of crochet.  The style is reminiscent of New York City street artist Olek, who has covered bicycles, cars and even the Wall Street Bull in yarn.

2011 NYC Armory Show_14

“Soundsuit” is an appropriate name, since Cave used metal noisemaker toys to craft the headpiece. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the artist perform in this suit, which was hanging on a mannequin.

2011 NYC Armory Show_70

This next work reminded me of the socialist graffiti that covers streets throughout South America. It reads,

“La lucha es de todos. De todos es la lucha”

I did not write down the name of the artist, but this giant mural hung on the wall outside of the Galleria Continua booth. Looking at it brought back memories of living in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

2011 NYC Armory Show_68

At first I was not impressed by this collage, which features pencil drawings and stickers on paper.

2011 NYC Armory Show_67

However, after looking more closely at the work, my initial instinct to shout, “I could do this myself” was replaced by a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia for junior high school doodling.

2011 NYC Armory Show_19

Jacques Villegle‘s “Rue de Thorigny” (1975) consists of ripped posters mounted on canvas. It looks like the poster-covered scaffolding I pass every day while walking through the East Village.

2011 NYC Armory Show_21

Some of the street art references were obvious. I ran into this piece in the Latin American section of the contemporary wing.

2011 NYC Armory Show_22

Galeria Casas Riegner, based in Bogota, featured this twist on the classic Coca Cola sign.

2011 NYC Armory Show_25

American artist Mel Bochner created this series of “Monoprints” using thick layers of oil paint.

2011 NYC Armory Show_6

1,000 of these signed and numbered dollar bills sold for $25 each at artist Reed Seifer‘s booth.

2011 NYC Armory Show_65

The Armory Show was brimming with silly, sensual works of art. Several pieces paid tribute to sex toys, porno mags and bodily functions. I came across these titilating posters by Bjarne Melgaard at the Galerie Krinzinger Vienna stall.

2011 NYC Armory Show_7

Death gets kinky in this painting by Gregory Forstner.

2011 NYC Armory Show_30

I suspect this drawing was inspired by the horror film “Human Centipede.”

2011 NYC Armory Show_64

Sex toys form a futuristic cityscape in this Armory Show artwork.

2011 NYC Armory Show_5

This installation at the Gallerie Ron Mandos stall can be summed up in one word: cool. Although it appears lifelike, the figure is actually a mannequin, and it’s covered by a hard material that blends seamlessly with the wall.

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