Photo Essay: Sandboarding in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

During our round the world trip we made a brief stop in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, a town near the Argentine border. San Pedro de Atacama is the entry point to the massive Atacama desert. It sits at an altitude of over 8,000 feet and boasts gigantic sand dunes that are ideal for sand boarding.

We decided to skip a pricey tour and explore the dunes by ourselves. We rented a couple of cheap mountain bikes and a “sand board,” which is essentially a block of wood with straps, and followed some sketchy directions up into a canyon.

Words cannot really do justice to what we found, so let’s skip straight to the photos!

chile sandboarding2

After biking for several miles on a paved highway we reached the rocky, winding road that led to the sand dunes. A pack of friendly stray dogs followed us all the way from town.

chile sandboarding1

I tried to look cool while peddling towards the dunes with all of our gear.

chile sandboarding4

The dunes were massive, and involved a long hike to the top.

chile sandboarding5

We were afforded tremendous views of the rock and sand formations that stretched for miles.

chile sandboarding18

Leslie wasn’t afraid!

chile sandboarding6

We felt like explorers on Mars, with the trippy landscape and lack of people.

chile sandboarding7

It took me several tries to make it all the way down the dune on the sand board!

chile sandboarding8

And now for the long trek back to the top…

chile sandboarding3

I admit, it was frustrating to stay upright!

chile sandboarding9

In every direction there were different types of rock and sand formations, for as far as the eye could see.

chile sandboarding10

Leslie was a natural on the sand board!

chile sandboarding11

At an altitude of almost 9,000 feet, each climb back to the top was exhausting. We took off our shoes when they started to fill with sand.

chile sandboarding12

Once I got comfortable on the sand board, I ventured down the steeper slope (on the back side of the dune).

chile sandboarding13

The view from the top of the dune was spectacular.

chile sandboarding14

We had the dunes entirely to ourselves, aside from a tour group that packed up and left the moment we arrived.

chile sandboarding15

We were surrounded by a stunning landscape.

chile sandboarding16

The walk back up the sand dune after each run was grueling, but it was worth it.  We had an amazing experience and it only cost us $14 to rent the bikes and the board.

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