I survived Snowmageddon 2010: NYC readers share blizzard photos

New York City was hit hard this Sunday by a blizzard that covered Central Park in 20 inches of snow, shut down three major airports, prevented emergency workers from responding to 911 calls and paralyzed subways and buses.

It’s no surprise that the blizzard– the city’s sixth largest snowstorm on record– was dubbed “Snowmageddon.”

The following images were taken by Downtown Traveler readers and show the effects of the storm in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and the suburbs.

carlos tejeda 17

Carlos Tejeda snapped a photo of Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain following the blizzard. The fountain overlooks a lake (not visible under mounds of snow) and is a popular spot for summertime weddings.

columbia during snow storm

The storm covered Columbia University in a deep layer of snow. Jenn Aoki captured this shot of the Morningside Heights campus.

Bronx snow storm

Many New Yorkers complained on Tuesday night that snow had not yet been cleared from their streets.  When plows did arrive, they pushed the snow from the street onto parked cars, forcing owners to dig out or stay home.

Downtown Traveler reader Karla (above) posed next to a snowed-in car in Parkchester, the Bronx. Fortunately, it’s not hers– so she didn’t have to dig it out!

nyc snow storm child

A young New Yorker trudged through knee-deep snow in this photo taken by a Downtown Traveler reader.

NYC 7 subway snow

A reader discovered snow covering the hallway and stairs at this subway station on the number 7 line. The train cuts across Queens and ends at Times Square in Manhattan.

As reported by MSNBC, 400 people were trapped on a subway train in Queens during the storm.  They spent eight and a half hours huddled together with no food, water or heat.

Delores Brooklyn 48 and K

Delores snapped this photo near 48th Street and Avenue K in Brooklyn. She reported that the blizzard left many streets in the neighborhood impassable; residents were stranded without any buses or dollar vans to take them to work.

pedro sandoval

Cars, taxis and a city bus navigated a snowy street in Coney Island, Brooklyn in this photo by Pedro Sandoval. Note that each vehicle is facing a different direction– an indication of the dangers posed by unplowed roads.

astoria snow storm art

Some New Yorkers managed to find beauty in the post-storm chaos. Photographer Lauren Koch spotted street art amidst the snow in Astoria, Queens.

long island icicles

The New York City suburbs were also impacted by the December 2010 snow storm. Alyson snapped photos of the beautiful icicles that formed in her Long Island neighborhood.

More photos

Click on the slideshow below to view more images of “Snowmageddon.”  All photos were submitted by readers of Downtown Traveler.


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